About Us
About Us

The ACT Group DMCC has operated as private label service provider since many years. Our experience and knowledge of the market allows us to take our clients ideas and create custom-tailored brands and products. We accept turn-key project and all that lies in between and develop and manufacture exclusive products featuring unique brand designs and concepts for our clients. We offer you everything from a single source. Our services range from label and packaging design to product development and also extend to encompass filling and final packing.

In developing and supplying brands for our customer’s and the products they sell under these brands we bring our clients the best in quality service and integrity. It goes without saying that excellent quality management and full documentation are both included as standard.

Private Labels play an important role in today’s economic environment through:
  • The attraction of lower prices and value for money for consumers.
  • The attraction of higher margin products for our customers
  • Enabling differentiation and building customer loyalty.
  • Enabling targeting precise customers and audiences
  • Providing further growth opportunities in both developing and emerging markets.

We specialize in product sectors we know well: Developing, designing and producing full lines of personal care & hair care products. A team of marketing, formulation and development and packaging specialist ensure creative, innovative and custom-tailored private label solutions for our customers. . Although we have a large pool of formulas for you to fall back on as required, we are, of course, also more than happy develop new formulas based on your specific needs. Our experience allows us to dive into new product sectors as well.

Why choose us
  • We are passionate about private label.
  • We focus on quality, service and integrity.
  • We offer a turnkey environment.
  • We conquer challenges and deliver value.

Our promise

ACT Group DMCC is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our experience and knowledge of the market allows us to take our clients ideas and create custom-tailoredbrands and products. We address the needs of our clients - with amazing results.