3XS „Salon Styling Service“
3XS „Salon Styling Service“

Create your own world.

3XS "Salon Styling Service" is renowned for supplying salon furniture and accessories that offer comfort, character, style and innovation to hairdressing and beauty salons.

Everyone possesses their own natural beauty and everyone has the power to make that beauty shine through from the inside out.

ACT Group DMCC created a catalogue for the sale of furniture and accessories hand picked by our team. We also were responsible for brand strategy, brand creation and implementation.

3XS Products
  • 3XS Logo, Letterpaper & business card
  • 3XS Poster Board
  • 3XS Catalogue

Our promise

ACT Group DMCC is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our experience and knowledge of the market allows us to take our clients ideas and create custom-tailoredbrands and products. We address the needs of our clients - with amazing results.