Wave Pro
Wave Pro

Ultimate definition. Ultimate Style.

Whether you aim to achieve a fashionable straight look or trendy curls, WAVE PRO offers great forming solutions ensuring ultimate care.

Discover the perfect foundation for your professional in-salon treatments by WAVE PRO. Perfectly defined, long-lasting curls are essential to a trendy natural styling. WAVE PRO Perm and Neutralizer is an effective perm system specifically designed for professional hairdressers by experts in perming. Furthermore our styling experts have developed a reliable straightening system – the WAVE PRO Straightener and the WAVE PRO Neutralizing Cream.

ACT Group DMCC not only developed the several hair forming powders for Wave Pro but also was responsible for brand strategy, brand creation and implementation.

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Wave Pro Products
  • Hair Forming Wave Pro Straightener Normal
  • Hair Forming Wave Pro Straightener Strong
  • Hair Forming Perm Kit N
  • Hair Forming Perm Kit G
  • Hair Forming Perm Kit R
  • Hair Forming Perm N 1000ml
  • Hair Forming Perm G 1000ml
  • Hair Forming Perm R 1000ml
  • Hair Forming Perm Neutralizer 1000ml
  • Marketing Material Billboards & Magazine Ads

Our promise

ACT Group DMCC is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our experience and knowledge of the market allows us to take our clients ideas and create custom-tailoredbrands and products. We address the needs of our clients - with amazing results.