Maxdent produces the highest quality products for you and your family produced in Germany. Maxdent has a variety of toothpastes ranging from Complete Care, Sensitive, Prime Whitening to Junior designed for your specific needs.

ACT Group DMCC not only developed the several toothpastes for Maxdent but also was responsible for brand strategy, brand creation and implementation.

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Maxdent Products
  • Dental Care Maxdent Complete Care For healthy and strong teeth.
  • Dental Care Maxdent Sensitive Formulated especially for sensitive teeth
  • Dental Care Maxdent Prime Whitening Formulated especially for whitening teeth.
  • Dental Care Maxdent Junior Formulated for ideal cavity protection, especially for ages 6 and up.
  • Marketing Material Consumer Folder

Our promise

ACT Group DMCC is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our experience and knowledge of the market allows us to take our clients ideas and create custom-tailoredbrands and products. We address the needs of our clients - with amazing results.